About AACA

The Purpose of AACA

  • To promote, upgrade and maintain the business of agricultural consulting as a profession.
  • To encourage and assist agricultural consultants to seek current information concerning total farm management principles and techniques.
  • To encourage and participate in the research on crop management techniques.
  • To assist agricultural producers in the production of their crops by the most economical means using methods having the least effect on the environment.
  • To distinguish for the public, the difference between professional consultants (employed for a fee) and those who may have a conflict of interest in giving advice on crop management.

Membership Categories

Regular Voting Member - anyone involved in agricultural consulting work in Arkansas who makes proper application for membership and who meets the following requirements:

  1. The person must be a bonafide agricultural consultant who provides consulting services to the farmer for a fee.
  2. The person must hold a current agricultural consultant’s license issued by the Arkansas State Plant Board.
  3. The person must be approved by the vote of the membership present.

Associate Non-Voting Member - an individual who is involved in agriculture who meets requirement 3 for regular membership.  An Associate Non-Voting Membership application may originate either as a request by a regular voting member or as a directive from the Membership and Rules Committee.

An Associate Non-Voting Member has the same rights, privileges and obligations as a Regular Member with the following exceptions:

  • An Associate Member may not hold office in the Association.
  • An Associate Member does not have voting powers.

Honorary Member - anyone who is nominated and approved by a majority vote at an official meeting. They shall not have voting powers.